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DIY Wedding iPrezzy

It was a crazy 48 hours and I had never done this before for any of my friend’s wedding. Thought of making something personalised instead of buying something off the shelf, which I never like to do when it comes to picking a gift.

Without further ado, may I present to you this piece of caricature artwork of the newly-wedded couple. 🙂

To keep the theme contemporary, I thought why do not I throw in some cool social media and tech-savvy elements into the pictute? So that was how the idea of the Twitter bird, Facebook Like button and QR Code came about.

Of course, that is a reason to the idea of a classic SLR camera and a spider hanging down from the camera. The bride, Mandy, has a Nikon FM2 film camera and I supposed she has not been shooting with it as much as before, therefore, the spider and the web are an indication that the camera is underutilised. No, it is all just plain humour for a good laugh, that is all. But who knows, it might be a reminder to her to pick up the camera and take it out for a spin again? 😀

Perhaps what I would like to share here is about how I wanted to make the gift a bit more exciting to unwrap by the couple. Three levels of unwrapping process to go through before finally revealing the caricature drawing of them. Here is the making of iPrezzy. 😀

I hope the sequence of the photos above tell the story of how the final finished gift looked and was presented.

I do not think I would want to duplicated the same wedding gift idea like this for another couple as I believe each couple is unique.

Last but not least, a big congratulations to the newlyweds – Steven and Mandy Chiang!!!


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