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North India Trip Part 2 : Ladakhi People

I just got my films developed and scanned by the photo lab today. It has been almost a year since I last shot film. Before my India trip I had my Nikon F3 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AIS lens serviced and cleaned from fungus so I could make use of them once again after so long lying in my room. Not to mention most of the films in my stock are expired. I did not quite mind them expired but I had my fingers crossed on the results I was about to see on the final scans.

As much as I was expecting, just like how unpredictable and unexpectable India could be, the 4 rolls of films I shot throughout the trip turned out somewhat not too well. It could be due to the missetting on my camera or the insensitivity of the expired films. I could not blame entirely on the expired films as there was one and only portrait shot of a Ladakhi man that turned out exceptionally perfect, perfect exposure, unlike the rest of the hundred over shots that turned out dark, grainy and almost beyond repair.

After some correction work on the lightness and colour done to the potential shots which I thought could be salvaged these are the portraits of local people I met while visiting the monasteries around Ladakh in northernmost India.

They certainly look very different from the typical Indian, don’t they?

Check out the rest of my India trip photos on my flickr.


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