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Amazing Kids Caricatures & Graduation Ceremony 2011

This year I was once again given the honour and opportunity to churn out  a set of 22 caricatures of the pre-school students and their teachers of Amazing Kids Literacy Centre, Malaysia for their graduation day. The graduation ceremony took place last month. The caricatures were compiled and made into a graduation poster like a movie-like poster with the kids are the stars of the big day. Each graduate received a piece of the framed poster. One of the kids was awarded as the Amazing Kids of the Year and she was received a specially designed Certificate of Excellence.

The graduation poster.

Photos of the graduation day.

The teachers and the graduation poster.

Students’ caricatures hung on the strings in the centre.

A quick preview of all the 22 caricatures.

The certificate for the Amazing Kid of the Year.

Here are some of the initial rough sketches of the caricatures before they were scanned and transfered over into my iPad for tracing, inking and colour rendering.

And the printouts of the graduation poster, certificate and some of the caricatures.

The progress of making and completing the caricatures was a major leap from what was done for last year’s graduation.

Do check out the individual caricatures in my flickr.

Amazing experience!


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