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Greetings from Taiwan!

Hello peeps! Greetings from Taiwan!!!

I am on a week of holiday right now and today is my fourth day here. I am traveling alone with my Lonely Planet guidebook. It has been wonderful so far. I have visited Taichung city and currently in some highland place in Nantou called Chingjing. It can be a bit challenging for me sometimes as most information on signboard and menus are in Chinese. But most local people are friendly and helpful enough when you ask.

I am not in a mission to cover as many places possible in such short trip. Just taking my time to relax and enjoy the country before I am back to the grind again right after this break.

This is what I managed to sketch today on my iPad – a landscape of the farm just outside the hotel I am staying in Chingjing. The weather was beautiful today without the rain.

Heading off to Taipei city tomorrow.

Bye for now!

**Updated 26 November 2011**

This is the photo of me doing landscape painting with my iPad in Chingjing.

I am back from my awesome holiday trip since a few days ago and down with a flu since 😦 I will recover in no time 🙂


3 thoughts on “Greetings from Taiwan!

  1. hi liyin, it has been a while i didnt visit your blog~ your artwork is excellent~ i love it very much~

    take good care at Taiwan ya~ looking forward for your beautiful photos & artwork 🙂

  2. Greetings, from New York. Around 2 weeks ago, I Google-ed what apps I could possibly get to draw with an iPad. I saw a previous post you had for Sketchbook Pro and loved it, so I went out and bought an iPad and here I am, doodling my life away on my iPad. Thanks for the post, and so far, I love your blog 🙂

  3. Hi Lilin, I stumbled upon your blog searching info Derwent Intense pencils and discovered your lovely journals. We have so much in common, a love of illustratration, Jesus and all things Joyce Meyer 🙂 I just gave into temptation today and got myself a ipad2 and the apps to play with. Have a great time in Taiwan – that unfortunately we don’r have in common 😦 Oh a holiday would be awesome right now.

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