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Go marketing at Chinatown wet market with my iPad

Holding up the iPad and clicking away. The market folks would probably think what and why on earth are you holding in your hands that leather file folder lookalike and pointing at them as if Moses holding the Ten Commandments tablets on Mount Sinai. This will set a new way of photography trend, soon, perhaps? 😀

So here are some of the shots I managed to take in Chinatown wet market. As I roamed through the narrow, wet, bloody and noisy walkways I held up my iPad discreetly to capture some of these scenes in the busy market. The folks were almost unaware of what I was doing. I could be looking weird to some of them. It could see expression on some of their faces.

Curry noodle stall. There are three of these stalls and this is the middle one. The curry was good – richly flavoured with coconut milk.

Entering the vegetables, poultry, meat and fish section of the market. Notice the butcher having his breakfast how he looked at me and wondered what was I doing right in front of him. I smiled at him right after I snapped his picture. 😀

Some butchers in action. The bloody section of the market.

After this experience of shooting with the iPad I am so convinced to do it again the next time I hit the streets of Kuala Lumpur. No more excuse for not doing photography even when I do not have a film camera at hand.

Hope you too are inspired! 😀


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