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Annual report design, 2010

If you have been following my blog since the beginning you would probably notice there has not been much of corporate design work posted. Many of you would probably think I am a more of an illustrator or a photographer than a designer from the illustration and photography works in this blog.

Not because corporate work is uninteresting or boring but I guess my illustration works usually ‘outshine’ the corporate ones. As how many of us may perceive corporate design as standard and stagnant but I always believe there is always some ways to make things look interesting and different each time, if we want to.

I have done quite a number of annual report designs over the years. Let me show you the most recent one I did sometime in the last quarter of last year. I was supposed to showcase it much earlier. I hope it is still not too late now, though.



Just want to share some thoughts I have in mind. Nobody ever likes change. Change causes inconvenience and discomfort. It stirs up the water and shake the boat. Complacency is a result of not wanting a change. And complacency can be a dangerous thing overtime. Without change there will never be progress. In the case where corporate design work is concerned I believe as a designer I have to constantly find new solutions to visual problems so that change can take place. Client may not always see the necessity for change but I strongly believe that a designer should be an agent of change whose job is to help client see creative in a new whole perspective so that they may embrace change.

Partly due to my personality, I get bored with the same old things quite quickly and I am always looking for ways of doing things differently. The questions I always ask – “Who says I must do it this way?”, “Why must I follow what others are doing?” and “Why NOT?”. Those questions I ask myself help in my thinking process. Yes, they make you think before doing something.

Anyway, I love to do corporate design work! It ain’t boring at all! 😀


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