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My first digital sketch

It has been weeks since I acquired my first Wacom Intous 4. Not knowing how exactly to draw properly using the digital pen on the tablet at first I have somehow found it so particularly useful for everything that a mouse can do. And it has since replaced the role of my 7-year old one-click mouse and I do not think I will ever want to get a mouse anymore because the Intous 4 does a fantastic job! Especially when it comes to photo retouching.

So, today I was just playing around with the pen tablet on Corel Painter Sketch Pad, with a stroke or two without any idea what wanted to draw, lo and behold, this was what came out at the end of the it.

My first digital sketch.

Imagine just using one pen that can switch from pencil to pastel, pick any colour you want without dirtying your hands, at a click of a button. It is actually quite fun, but I am still not confident enough to do any client’s illustration work using this method. Need more practice to get a hang of it.

I still prefer drawing on paper, though. And get my hands dirty.


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