My Starbucks tumbler redesigned : 40 years TALL and still growing

This is the second design I have just done for my Starbucks tumbler since the first one in January.

The idea came about when I thought of how sometimes Starbucks baristas would take a while to figure out the size of my tumbler or even double check on it if it is the size I mentioned when I made my drink order. I have very much wished that each of the tumbler was labeled according to its size so that they look different from each other. I saw the ‘problem’.

And here comes the ‘solution’. My tumbler size is tall. I want it shout “I’m TALL!” out loud. So I decided to use and emphasise on the word “TALL”, subtly blended it with the Starbucks 40-year anniversary theme and its new logo being visually maximised as “0” on the “40” and came out with a tagline “40 YEARS TALL & STILL GROWING”. Notice that how ‘tall’ sounds like ‘old’ in this case. Copywriting is not my area of expertise but I do hope it sounds gimmicky, fun and positive for the brand as its coffee business continues to grow globally. That is the message.

Initially, I thought of using the few world’s tallest buildings as icons to represent a levels on the drink indicator bar but I changed my mind since it would be more appropriate to use some of the prominent buildings in Malaysia, from the tallest building at the top to the lowest one at the bottom – Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Telekom Malaysia Tower, Berjaya Times Square and lastly right at the bottom of the tumbler is ‘my favourite cuppa place’ as a reminder that I should go for another round of refill when the drink runs low.

That’s the idea for my DIY tumbler design that I have to share today. Hope you guys are inspired to create your own too. If you have not already have a tumbler, go pick up one right away and unlock your creativity! 😀

Disclaimer : This design work is purely a personal project and cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes. I, Liyin Yeo and DIP Creative Studio do NOT own Starbucks Coffee logo.


3 thoughts on “My Starbucks tumbler redesigned : 40 years TALL and still growing

  1. That is a great design. Can i know what is the effect that you used to “scratch” your fonts? Like how do you do it ? It’s awesome 🙂

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