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Illustration : A Pilot’s Story

Last December I had the privilege of working on one of the most amazing projects I have given the opportunity to work on. The dateline was tight to a point that my hand was at the verge of breaking down but still pressing on til to the finish line.

A very unique project commisioned personally by a Iranian client who currently resides in Malaysia to produce a series of illustrations based on the a true story of her boyfriend (then) as a child growing up in a very culturally strict family to his high school and university years to the day started his first job as a pilot and to the day he met with this Iranian girl. Every frame tells a story which is very personal to the him. They were hilarious, sad and touching.

This series of illustrations were compiled by the client into a little black booklet and presented specially to her boyfriend as his birthday gift.

In order to protect the identity of my client and the hero I will not reveal their real names but will call them Ms. I and the Mr. K the pilot.

Life goes on…

Here are some of the selected frames from the boy’s true story. Enjoy!

Little Mr. K eating cat’s litter when he was a kid. Yucks!

Challenged by his little cousin, at a tender age of 3 little Mr. K made a daredevilish jump from the house balcony at the 2nd/3rd story into a plastic pool of water and cracked his bumm. Ouch!!! KIDS, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

A man is never a real man unless he conquers a fear of turkey?!! As a little kid being brought up by a very strict father little Mr. K was locked up in a cage with a turkey and left alone with the bird – how terrifying!! Parent, please, please DO NOT do this to your kids!

A boy who dreamed big – that one day he would fly like a bird in the sky. So he is pilot today.

Being curious and adventurous is good…

… but there is a price to pay…

… and the scar from the crack on his left eyebrow remains until this day.

When he was a teenager one night as he was asleep, suddenly for some unknown reason he grabbed hold of the loose hanging wires in the room and got an electric shock so serious to a point his that hair was burning and the smell of the burnt hair alerted his father who then came to his son’s rescue. The nanny was still soundly asleep throughout the whole event.

He was smacked with his younger sister’s high-heel for not paying attention when his mother was tutoring him on his studies.

Something shameful happened on his first anniversary with his first girlfriend when he was studying abroad. The girl just had to go! So they found a loo in the park and she just messed it all up as she let it go. What a unpleasant surprise for their anniversary!

As the proud father and his friends watching the grown up Mr. K dressed up in a pilot’s uniform and getting all ready to leave home for his first job a turkey appeared out of nowhere standing right in front of his vehicle. The childhood fear of turkey was still haunting this big boy to run away from that little bird?! Does it make any sense at all??

He is a fan of the movie The Godfather. That is his beloved kitty, who is also the love of his life.

To cut the story short, this is the scene of Mr. K sharing his first kiss with Ms. I, in front of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

Do check out the rest of the illustrations in the series in my flickr set here. I will add in the descriptions as soon as I can.


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