La Bodega & Mandy’s Birthday

Overdue. Overdue. Overdue. I know. It was in early January these photos were taken, not with my camera but the birthday girl’s. Just got those photos yesterday and now here they are.

Not sure why Mandy was posing like this but cute! LOL

Now, that is a special priceless birthday gift I made for her, with whatever I find in my home – all wrapped up with free The Sun newspaper. Hey never judge a present by the wrapper, yea? I am full of surprises!

Ta-daaa!!! One in the billion piece of masterpiece 100% produced by hand, genuine hand of the designer-in-pajamas a.k.a CreativExtraOrdinaire! Hahaha!

See how this piece of caricature was done here.

Last but not least, this posting will not be complete without my face and my bunny posing, and of course the beautiful black and white photographs in the restaurant.

Venue at La Bodega in KL Pavilion.

Camera : Nikon FA
Film : Fujifilm Superia 800


One thought on “La Bodega & Mandy’s Birthday

  1. Thank you for the lunch and most of the lovely and most heartwarming gift, Liyin! It was an unexpected but very pleasant surprise – both for the cake and the caricature!

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