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Picking up Watercolour again

I did some shopping on art materials recently and I got myself some books on drawing and watercolour painting, a watercolour pocket set, a water mixable oil colours set and a Moleskine pocket watercolour notebook. The desire within me has clearly told myself to pick up watercolour painting again after abandoning the skill for more than 15 to 20 over years. The only vivid memory I could recall myself painting with watercolour is when I was a primary school student. I cannot remember if I even did watercolour in college. But here I am giving a good start again. I find it very inspirational indeed to look at some of the watercolour artworks posted on ’ website. It is totally motivational to me to once again rekindle the passion for painting with this medium!

Here I have done the first attempt of a watercolor painting after so many years. This piece was painted with a reference from an old building photo I took in Georgetown, Penang during my trip there recently.

Watercolour painting vs photograph.

Although what I painted may differ from the original picture from the photograph in terms of the proportion and scale I am quite happy with my attempt. Is not it a wonderful thing that with painting we are able to alter a picture by our own hand and make it unique according to our own style?

Passion for painting needs a lot of patience, I think.

Tools / materials :
TomBow 2B recycled pencil
Daler-Rowney Aquafine watercolour pocket set
Moleskine pocket watercolour notebook


7 thoughts on “Picking up Watercolour again

  1. Hello, I just want to say that I love your work! Your photography even more so. I was first introduced to your blog through and I just want to say that your pictures as well as ur illustrations are amazing. I was wondering if I could ask you a couple questions in regards to photography since I am a beginner myself. If you would be alright with that, please email me back at . Once again, this may seem somewhat random, but I really do admire your photography, and any help from you would be amazing. Either way, God bless!

  2. Hi..Since day one, when I 1st visited your blog, I have been impressed by what you put up… The photos , especially the ones of the tamu in Miri are really nice. They bring our the “life” of the tamu. Now, whenever I am at that tamu, I would look at the things that I have missed, until I saw your photos. Your wonderful sketches of the food that you did..are just wonderful…and now this drawing in watercolour,…really nice. Makes me want to revive my old love of drawing again. Keep on posting your work, and I will surely keep in surfing back to read. Thanks.

  3. Hi Liyin,

    Great watercolour, especially for a first attempt :p i also last painted in secondary school (Buncho poster colours!) and now I want to start getting back into sketching and painting. Bought my first Moleskine ever (the watercolour notebook in Large – that’s how I found your post actually, and was surprised to find someone from Malaysia!), and a set of Windsor & Newton’s paints from my uni stationery shop. I’m a fan of Urban Sketchers and am hoping to contribute to their website with some drawings of Zurich (I study here). Anyway to cut it short, love your doodles and look forward to seeing more of your watercolours 🙂

    1. Whoaa… Thanks for the encouragement!
      It reminds me once again to pick up my watercolour Moleskine notebook and go out and sketch again. Haven’t been having the time yet to do so as I am still drawing quite a lot for some current project. Soon, soon…

  4. Liyin: Great job. I especially like the heavy blue at the top and lighter as you get toward the building. I need to try sketching my house from a picture too. Great sketching.

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