Miri Markets – Tamu Muhibbah & Old Tamu

These are some of the photos I brought back from my trip to the Miri markets. Two locations – Tamu Muhibbah and Old Tamu. They were taken with my little Olympus XA. I am very amazed at what this little rangfinder camera can do. It is a good as an SLR. It is so compact and totally fits well on my palm, so much so that sometimes I could see my finger covering the side of the picture I take without me realising it.

Many times I have gone back to my hometown Miri but have never been more satisfied with the photos took than this trip’s. Also thanks to my friend Mandy who happened to be in town for a short business trip at the time so we managed to meet up and go for a photo outing together on the 10th May. As we walked through the markets we were amazed at how friendly the market vendors really are when we talked to them and asked them for their pictures to be taken.

Check out the rest of the photos here.


2 thoughts on “Miri Markets – Tamu Muhibbah & Old Tamu

  1. Hi Li Yin,

    We met at KLPA when you came to collect your photo. I like the retro feel coming from your Olympus XA. Might need shopping tips from you 🙂 Didn’t know you’re from Miri. The market looks lively through your lenses! (referring to your flickr site :-)) Keep the good stuff going!

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