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‘Worship Him’ t-shirt design

Based on the scripture verse in John 4:24 that reads, “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth” I have come up with the ’Worship Him in spirit & in truth’ tee design. It is experimental for now. Three variations – A, B and C.

A and B are basically using the same design elements and typography arrangement. The only difference is in the colours of the tee and the print.

A – one colour printing; charcoal grey ink on cream and sand tee colour. This combination is not too loud but subtle.

B – also one colour printing; reversed white design print on red and dark brown tee colour. This combination is bold.

C – a slightly improved and refined version of the design and typography arrangement. More than one colour printing on black and white tee colour.

Which among these three design options would you most preferred? Do leave some feedback or suggestions.


4 thoughts on “‘Worship Him’ t-shirt design

  1. Hi Ellis. Thanks for your feedback.

    Hi Andrew. Thanks for your feedback. I just saw some tees on shirts4real. Sorry to say that as for my personal opinion and taste their designs are rather ‘complicated’ and too messy, I am not a fan…

    However, I will take consideration on your feedback to further improve on my design.

  2. i do like some of the designs from shirts4real.. quite nice, really. then again, everything boils down to a buyer’s personal preference wan lar..

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