I’ve had a wonderful time!

Twelve days had flown by so quickly and I am already back in PJ after spending most of my time during this Chinese New Year season with my family back in Miri. This year’s homecoming is like no other previous years. We really had wonderful time together as a family. Although my mother did not get to cook her signature shark fin’s soup (something I was looking forward to eat) and we did not do our usual traditional charcoal steamboat this year because we were dining out on our reunion dinner, I am a happy person as we had quality time together nevertheless. I am glad too that we savde all the hassle of preparing the food!

Something worth mentioning here is my birthday on the 30th January celebrated with my family in a simple setting was a very special one to me. My youngest sister and I were messing our faces up with chocolate cream from the cake. We had so much fun as a family, and I could not ask for more! I am also touched by friends who remembered my birthday and sent me their beautiful wishes via SMS, phonecalls, IMs, and on the Facebook. Thanks everyone!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! May 2009 bring you all abundant blessings from Heaven in every aspect of your life!


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