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Sun Thye Hoe Kopitiam, Chow Kit

Had a photowalk in Chow Kit area with a friend last Saturday and we came to a kopitiam and had our breakfast. On that day I decided to leave my SLR camera at home so I could get myself to do some sketches whenever I could. I know I had not done something like this on a photowalk but it is for a change. It is a calm and patient way to capture an image even though it is slower as compared to using a camera.

While my friend went about taking pictures in and out of the building I quieted myself down at my seat and drew. The drawing process required so much more patience and concentration than taking pictures, actually, in order to get the lines, shapes and space right. In one and a half hours here it is, a picture of the kitchen and cashier counter view from my table and a cup and the second cup of drink, milk tea my friend ordered.

The final touch to the drawings was a few splashes from the leftover milk tea. It sounds like a crazy idea but I like the effect.


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